Belvedere 5000

 Auto air control

Belvedere 5000 - High Capacity Heating

Currently the largest in our hydronic boiler range, the Belvedere is primarily designed for plant room installation, providing up to 50kW of heat.

The Belvedere features a large symmetrical firebox which will continue to give high output temperatures with extended times between refuelling


The Belvedere 5000 is often the best choice for in-floor slab heating as its high output, spacious firebox and high capacity water jacket enables the initial temperature rise required for in-slab heating

The Belvedere 5000 has both manual and automatic air - flow control, self closing draught diverter, and temperature sensor

grate and self scooping ash pan with separate firebox and ash pan doors and separate damper and air controls - automatic and manual

The Belvedere 5000 utilises a a standard 150mm (6") flue assembly


All Dynamic Boilers contain mild steel waterways and require the addition of a water conditioner. We recommend the addition of "Thermablend" long life boiler conditioner and corrosion inhibitor to maintain the system in optimum working condition.

If connecting a Dynamic Boiler to a domestic hot water service, a heat exchange tank system must be used.

The Belvedere 5000 can also be installed in a living room and a glass door option is available



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Belvedere 5000



Belvedere 5000



Belvedere with optional Glass Door