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Solar Gold CP Series

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Solar Gold FM Series

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SOLAR GOLD - Proper Copper Tanks

Solar Gold Tanks come in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit most hot water situations.

Solar Gold tanks have been the mainstay for hot water storage for  many years and are an ideal replacement for older style tanks or new builds where water is gravity fed to the house as in some country areas.


All Solar Gold tanks are manufactured from solid copper with an insulating layer and then clad in galvanised steel.

There is a large array of sizes and configurations with many options available to cover most requirements.


Gold solid copper header tanks are also available in a range of sizes from 4l to 45l and come complete with Float valve


Ceiling Models

S- Standard Model

The S Model is the basic form of ceiling model tank and comes with 12l header Tank, Electric element, Tray and Hot water outlet .The Tank contains all potable water


Optional Extras include Stove Connections, Solar Connections, Lower Coil for Glycol Solar or Hydronics, Weatherproofing, Anode


CP- Constant Pressure Model

The CP Model is essentially  the same as the S model with the exception of having a 45l header tank fitted which has a cold water outlet  fitted That would be connected to the shower. The cold water coming from this fitting is the same pressure as the hot water coming from the tank. This enables a balanced flow to showers and prevents the sudden temperature change when a tap is used elsewhere in the house. The tank contains all potable water


Optional extras include Stove Connections, Solar Connections, Lower Coil for Glycol Solar or Hydronics, Sacrificial Anode.


MP- Mains Pressure Model

The MP Model uses the same base as the S model and has a 36m Mains pressure coil fitted

This coil is heated by the main body of water and supplies Mains (or Pump) pressure hot water  to the entire house

Cold water pressure and hot water Pressure are therefore balanced

The MP tank comes prefitted with Solar Connections and Stove Connections, Tray, Electric Element and 12L header tank


Optional extras include 45l Header Tank, Sacrificial Anode



 ceilingmodeltanksizes.jpg - large

FM- Floor Model

Floor Model Tanks  come with Electric Elemet, Cold Water Inlet, Hot Water/Vent Pipe Outlet

 These are the traditional basic hot water tank.

Optional Extras include Stove Fittings Solar Fittings Lower coil for Glycol Solar or Hydronics, Tray, weather proofing , Anode


Additional fitting can be installed to all tanks upon request See Chart below for sizes available


FMTankSizes.jpg - large




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