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Hydronic Heating with Wood, Gas or Heat Pumps


Hydronic Central heating

With the ever increasing cost of electricity and gas, combined with the stricter building codes and energy savings now required by governments, hydronic heating using wall hung radiator panels or under floor pipes  in the home and work place is now a popular and realistic alternative.


Hot water powered hydronic central heating, whether it be via in-floor coils or stylish radiator panels is the most wonderful, silent draught free winter warmth available.


Heat is traditionally provided from environmentally sustainable solar or wood fired energy or from natural  gas or LPG .


Developments in electric heat pumps may also be a viable adjunct in some circumstances.


Heated Towel Rails

WiseLiving can supply an elegantly simple towel rail that can assist in providing warm dry towels even on those wet winter days. These can be integrated as part of a larger central heating system or a simple stand alone addition.


Radiators can be mounted in the traditional vertical orientation or horizontally to solve difficult installation situations or to suit a contemporary wall space. Radiators and towel rails come standard in a warm white finish and may be fitted with thermostatic flow controls.


Special sizes  are available on request.


Solid Fuel Slow Combustion Boilers and Cookers

Contemporary design wood stoves & boilers provide a natural heat source which is renewable & carbon neutral. WiseLiving hot water tanks are manufactured to be slow combustion compatible, unlike most water storage systems.


Solar and Slow Combustion Hydronic Integration

All WiseLiving heaters, cookers and boilers with hot water heating capability can be successfully combined with efficient, reliable, cost effective Solar Mio solar hot water panel systems or our new range of evacuated tube systems to provide additional domestic  hot water.


Ask WiseLiving about integrated Solar, Wood fired, Gas or Heat Pump hydronic heating and hot water solutions