Manifold Systems - Simple Convenience

Manifold distribution systems have been used for underfloor heating for decades and at WiseLiving we have adapted the technology to include radiator heating panels as well.


The WiseLiving manifold systems are simple and quick to install, bleed and balance, and the Multilayer pipe work is easy to work with and comes fully insulated. Multifitting fittings require only a deburring tool and connection tool, or suitably sized Allen Key and a spanner.  These fittings can removed or replaced without damaging the pipe or the fitting itself



The manifold can be installed in  a cupboard or plant room, taking up very little room and in most cases the cupboard can  still be used for other purposes as shown in the photograph below.

Manifold systems can be designed to suit all radiator and under floor situations, whatever the size


With addition of a WiseLiving CentraCoil tank, domestic hot water can be supplied from your hydronic heating system