Wise Living is also concerned to protect its reputation for quality by recommending only appropriately skilled and experienced resellers and installers for its products.


With Optional Splashback


 Chrome Knobs




WiseLiving is a manufacturer of slow combustion cooking, heating and solar hot water products with the expertise to design and supply integrated hydronic heating and hot water systems.  Primarily we manufacture most of our products in Australia, sourcing other cost effective, complementary products that meet our quality and technical requirements from the world’s leading manufacturers.



The WiseLiving range includes:

  • Slow combustion stoves & cookers
  • Slow combustion heating
  • Hydronic boilers
  • Hot water tanks
  • Solar hot water heating & systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Hydronic Heating pipe & fittings
  • Flue kits
  • Ecofan
  • Hydronic Consulting Services



WiseLiving strives to protect its reputation for quality by recommending only the finest and most experienced resellers and appropriately trained installers for its products. As a way of saying thank you to our customers, WiseLiving will send a free gift on return of the Product Warranty card.


WiseLiving also provides a complementary Hydronic Heating consulting & system design service upon product purchase.


If you do not see what you are looking for on our website site, please contact one of our friendly staff as we can assist you to find what you are looking for.




**Respect for People and the Environment. Excellence in Innovation.**





THERMALUX - Slow Combustion Cookers & Wood Stoves

WiseLiving manufactures and sells the Thermalux range of slow combustion kitchen appliances, Gourmet Cooker and Tuscany Garden Oven.



Spoil yourself with delicious home cooking and the wonderful warm atmosphere provided by your Thermalux Slow Combustion Cooking Stove, All Thermalux Stoves are individually handcrafted by Master Tradesmen to ensure quality and individuality not achieved by mass production.


GOURMET COOKER - The Versatile Heater/Cooker

The Gourmet Cooker heats, cooks and provides hot water for all the family's needs when fitted with the optional hot water jacket- wet back.


The Gourmet offers a a large space heating capacity, up to 180m2, a good sized oven with a self cleaning  glass door with thermometer and a huge top cooking surface.


The firebox being directly below the cook  top gives excellent hotplate temperatures and the higher position of the firebox makes loading of fuel a breeze.. no bending down!


The Gourmet is best placed in the lounge dining or family room as a space heater and can also be sited in the kitchen as a cooker if desired.


Christo & Sophel - The pinnacle of natural wood heating

The range of Christo and Sophel appliances takes the wonders of natural wood heating to a new level, whilst remaining true to the "Wiseliving" philosophy of strength and reliability.


Enjoy the ambience of a real log fire through the extravagantly large glass door or, when the occasion calls, simply lift away the special double acting door (if fitted) to reveal the charm of a real open fire.


 The Christo has the potential to provide the highest heat out put of any wood burning heater a can warm up to 400sqm of living area, while the Sophel combines the ambience of a real log fire with constant warmth provided by wood fired hydronic heating.





WiseLiving manufacture the largest range of domestic Hydronic Boilers available in the Southern Hemisphere so we are sure to have something to suit your situation. Contemporary design wood stoves & boilers provide a natural heat source which is renewable & carbon neutral. WiseLiving hot water tanks are manufactured to be slow combustion compatible, unlike most water storage systems.



Comfortable, silent, draught free warmth with the ability to regulate individual room temperatures; hydronic heating is clean, efficient and dust free.


A commitment to the use of a natural renewable energy source that has been relied on since the beginning of time, gives the home owner and smaller commercial user, an affordable alternative for their central heating needs.




All WiseLiving heaters, cookers and boilers with hot water heating capability can be successfully combined with efficient, reliable, cost effective range of evacuated tube or heat pump systems to provide additional domestic hot water.


With the ever increasing cost of electricity and gas, combined with the stricter building codes and energy savings now required by governments, hydronic heating using wall hung radiator panels or under floor pipes  in the home and work place is now a popular and realistic alternative.


Talk to the friendly staff at WiseLiving about integrated Wood Fired, Solar or Heat Pump hydronic heating and hot water solutions.

Dynamic 3500  35kw Boiler

Belvedere with optional Glass Door


 Chrome Knobs

Linea 20kw on Legs

Solar Hot Water Storage & Buffer Tanks

WiseLiving manufactures a huge selection of Solar hot water storage and buffer tanks for all applications.


Whether it's a new build or replacing an aged unit we have the right tank for your situation.


Manufactured in either Copper or Stainless Steel, WiseLiving's mains pressure tanks have the ability to have a low pressure system integrated into them making them ideal for wood fired heaters and boilers.


All Tanks have Electric elements and the added ability of Wood, Solar, Heat Pump or Gas boosting along with being Hydronic compatible.


 Talk to the Friendly staff at WiseLiving to find out which tank is best for you.



Whether you choose Flat Panel Solar, Evacuated Tube Solar or Heat Pump Technology, WiseLiving can supply a system tailored to your requirements for all domestic and commercial hot water needs.


We manufacture high quality flat panel solar systems alongside our range Long Life Copper and Stainless Steel Domestic hot water tanks. We also distribute the highly efficient Evacuated Tube systems and Eco Friendly Smart Co2 Heat Pumps.


 Talk to the Friendly staff at WiseLiving to find the ideal hot water solution for you.